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Since 1970, God has given a working theme to this blessed work. Each theme has always been in harmony with the Scriptures, the spiritual, doctrinal and ministerial efforts of Worldwide Missionary Movement. Each year, the theme of work has been and remains a glorious reality in the work done for God's work.

Impact 70
Advance 71 Power 73
Vision 74 Expansion 75 Unction 76
Victory 77 Effort 78 Sacrifice 79
Clamor 80 Redemption 81 Harvest 82
Unity 83 Revival 84 Pentecost 85
Fire 86 Fidelity 87 Holiness 88
Glory 89 Humility 90 Obedience 91
Firmness 92 Perseverance 93 Intercession 94
Prayer 95 Consecration 96 Conquest 97
Fortress 98 Integrity 99 Triumph 2000
Cleaning 2001 Fruiting 2002 Mission 2003
Forgiveness 2004 Humiliation 2005 Multiplication 2006
Sincerity 2007 Communion 2008 Service 2009
Volition 2010 Commitment 2011

Submission 2012

Hold Fast 2013  Conviction 2014 Loyalty 2015 
Uprightness 2016    

About Us

The Worldwide Missionary Movement acknowledges and adopts for all its activities the Biblical principles of brotherly love, spiritual unity, companionship, mutual respect, cooperation, communion, fellowship and equality with all the people of God.


Bethel Television is a christian network of satellite television that belong to the Worldwide Missionary Movement that transmit its programming from Lima Peru to the world by launching its signal via satellite and also through the internet.

Evangelistic Impact Magazine is an official publication of the Christian Church Pentecostal Worldwide Missionary Movement.