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alejandro funez


Rev. Alejandro Funez

Supervisor of Honduras

albert rivera mmm


Rev. Albert Rivera

Supervisor of Puerto Rico

alberto ortega


Rev. Alberto Ortega

Missionary Supervisor of Haiti

alfonso martinez


Rev. Alfonso Martínez

Supervisor of Uruguay

alvaro garavito

Rev. Alvaro Garavito

Missionary Supervisor of Central America

alejandro robledo

Rev. Alejandro Robledo

Supervisor of Mexico

anselmo cooper

Rev. Anselmo Cooper

Supervisor of Belize

arturo hernandez


Rev. Arturo Hernández

Supervisor of United States and Canada

carlos medina

Rev. Carlos Medina

Supervisor of Spain y

Assistant Supervition in Europe

(Block A)

ciro soto

Rev. Ciro Soto

Supervisor of Bolivia

clemente vergara

Rev. Clemente Vergara

Supervisor of The Anttilles and

Missionary Supervisor of Africa

david echalar


Rev. David Echalar

Supervisor of Italy

Assistant Supervition of Europe (B)

Edwin Parada


Rev. Edwin Parada

Supervisor of El Salvador

enoc ramos


Rev. Enoc Ramos

Supervisor of Australia

enrique parrado

Rev. Enrique Parrado

Supervisor of Argentina

epifanio asprilla


Rev. Epifanio Asprilla

Supervisor of Panama

ernesto moreno

Rev. Ernesto Moreno

Supervisor of Nicaragua

eugenio masias


Rev. Eugenio Masías

Supervisor of Ecuador

gerardo martinez

Rev. Gerardo Martínez

Supervisor of Chile and

Missionary Supervisor of South America

gustavo chay


Rev. Gustavo Chay

Supervisor of Guatemala

henry ramos

Rev. Henry Ramos

Supervisor of Brazil

Joseph Preval



Rev. Jean Joseph Preval


Supervisor of Haiti


 joaquin parra1


Rev. Joaquín Parra

Supervisor of Colombia

jose soto

Rev. José A. Soto

Missionary Supervisor of Europe

luis meza

Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra

Supervisor of Peru

manuel zuniga

Rev. Manuel Zúñiga

Supervisor of Costa Rica


Rev. Luis Rivera

Supervisor of Paraguay

ricardo manrique

Rev. Ricardo Manrique

Supervisor of Venezuela

romulo vergara

Rev. Rómulo Vergara

Missionary Supervisor of Africa

ruben concepcion

Rev. Rubén Concepción

Supervisor of Dominican Republic

samuel mejia

Rev. Samuel Mejía

Missionary Supervisor of Asia

sam jacob

Rev. Sam Jacob

Supervisor of India

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The Worldwide Missionary Movement acknowledges and adopts for all its activities the Biblical principles of brotherly love, spiritual unity, companionship, mutual respect, cooperation, communion, fellowship and equality with all the people of God.


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