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Saturday, 12 March 2016 00:00

Glorious National Convention in Australia

With the theme, “There Is Hope in Christ,” the WMM Christian Pentecostal Church of Australia celebrated the 2016 National Convention from March 10th to the 13th, hosted by the Australian Blouza Association, 157 Blaxcell Street, Granville, NSW 2142, Australia.

The first service of this glorious event took place amidst songs of praise, testimonies, and the participation of brethren and pastors from the work of the WMM of Australia.

Rev. Humberto Henao, WMM international board member, was the spokesperson of the opening message, “Growing in Faith,” which was a great blessing for the people of God gathered in this convention.

Moments of glory were lived in the second service of the convention at the Australian Blouza Association. Rev. Humberto Henao, preached under the theme, “The Danger of Spiritual Sleepiness,” based on the book of Ephesians 5:14.

In the biblical exposition, he affirmed that when the believer feels security in his/her life, he/she tends to fall asleep because he/she does not perceive any danger, for sleepiness is a symbol of indifference. We believers were set as sentinels to be sounding the trumpet and warning the people of the imminent dangers from the enemy, who is lurking. 

During the third day of convention, Sister Elizabeth de Villamizar was in charge of the songs of praise. The exposition of the Word of God was in charge of Pastor Isaí David Ríos, who cited the book of Matthew 28:16-20, through which he motivated the people to preach to the four winds that Jesus Christ saves, heals, and is coming back again. 

In the fourth service of this grand convention, the missionary service took place, where songs allusive to the missionary work were sung by Sister Mary Cerdan de Ramos and the choir of the Church of Liverpool.

Also, in the fourth service of the 21st National Convention of Australia, believers worshipped the Lord in spirit and in truth. The choir of the Church of Melbourne praised God with the theme, “Sing to the Lord.” Rev. Enoc Ramos Chumpitaz, national supervisor to Australia, was the spokesperson of the biblical message.

Rev. Ricardo Villamizar, pastor of the church in Melbourne, was in charge of the direction of the service during the fifth service. Rev. Humberto Henao, was the biblical discloser of this service, who cited the book of I Kings 18:41-46, with the theme, “The Ending of Summer.”

During the exposition of the Word of God, he affirmed that when a believer has hunger and thirst of God, he/she must put into practice the spiritual resources that the Lord has given, which are based on prayer, fasting and attending the House of God. When we are in need of the Lord, we must quench our thirst in the fountains of living waters.

In the closing service, Rev. Humberto Henao, international board member, was the spokesperson of the Word of Jesus Christ, with the theme, “Lost Opportunity,” citing the books of Genesis 27:30-38 and Hebrews 12:15-17.

Rev. Enoc Ramos Chumpitaz, supervisor of Australia, was in charge of the general organization of this convention. We also highlight the LIVE broadcasting through Bethel Television and the different mass media that were connected to this signal.

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