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Sunday, 15 May 2016 00:00

The Country of the Rising Sun Celebrates Its 16th National Convention

From May 3rd through the 5th, the 16th National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Japan was celebrated, attended by Rev. José Arturo Soto, international vicepresident, and by Rev. Rubén Concepción, international secretary, both of whom God used in the preaching of the Word in a special way.

Hundreds of brethren from the churches established in Japan gathered in the city of Narita at Kokusai Bunka Kaikan Chiba Ken Narita Shi Tsuchiya 303. Rev. David Veramendi Takaeda, supervisor of the WMM in Japan, was in charge of the general organization of this activity.

Rev. Rubén Concepción was in charge of the opening message under the theme, “A New Beginning,” based on Joel 2:28-29. In the biblical message, he stated that adversity serves God’s purposes. These are fertile times to see the hand of God because trials allow us to see divine purposes.

During the second service of this holy convocation, Rev. José Arturo Soto Benavides shared the Word of God, with the theme, “Commitment and Its Crisis,” based on Exodus 8:25-29. Pastor Soto said that today more than ever, we must commit ourselves to the Lord. We are children of God, and He expects us to be faithful in the midst of any vicissitude.

Rev. Rubén Concepción was the spokesperson of the Word of God, based on Exodus 15:22-27, in the third service of this great event. In the exposition of the Bible, he affirmed that in times of difficulty, we must cry out to God, and we can come close to Him through Jesus Christ.

“Let’s Seek the Balance,” based on Luke 10:38-42, was the title of the message during the fourth service. Rev. José Arturo Soto, spokesperson of the message, explained that Martha was troubled about cooking and pleasing the Master, but Mary decided to choose the better part, to be close to the Lord Jesus Christ. Believers have to dedicate time to the Lord because we will only find fullness in our life when we come closer to God.

On the last day of the spiritual feast of Japan and missionary service, Rev. Rubén Concepción preached under the theme, “God Calls,” based on a missionary conference written in 1987 by Rev. Luis M. Ortiz, founder of the work of the WMM. “Be attentive to God’s calling because God is who calls. God did not bring us to fail. Those who stay far away from God’s plans fail.”  A calling of God is the divine act through which God calls us to undertake a specific task. God is not led by human instructions because God does not make mistakes.

God calls us with a purpose. There are souls to be saved and places to be conquered. His first calling is to salvation. We are saved by faith. The second calling is to consecration. The body is to serve the Lord. Then He calls us to have fellowship with Him and to serve Him individually. God keeps calling. There are callings to be obeyed immediately, but there are also callings for a determined time in the future. Some do not obey due to personal interests, and others do not obey because they do not believe. God called in the past, and God calls in the present. When God calls you, remain firm to the calling with an attitude of obedience. 

The National Convention in Japan was a great blessing where hundreds of brethren were anointed by the Holy Spirit and edified through the Word of God.  Keep praying for Japan so the Lord continue to bless His work and continue to open new fields and churches throughout the Nippon country.

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