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Sunday, 29 May 2016 00:00

13th National Convention in India

The church of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in India held its 13th National Convention in Kristhukula Ashram Tirupattur, Tamilnadu, South India, from May 25th through the 28th.

By singing spiritual songs and praises in their native language, Tamil, thousands of believers praised God with joy. They had great men of God as guest speakers, such as Rev. Carlos Guerra and Rev. Humberto Henao who preached the Word of God to the people. These messages were given and interpreted into English, Spanish and Tamil. The superintendent of the Work in India, Rev. Sam Jacob, expressed his thankfulness to God at all times.

A crowd of believers lived pleasant moments in the presence of the Almighty One during each service of this convention. Rev. Humberto Henao, international trustee of the WMM, shared the Word of God under the theme: “Who Will Start the Battle?” based on 1 Kings 20:13-14. During the Bible dissertation, Rev. Henao claimed that each believer has his/her own battle; the spiritual and ministerial life is a permanent battle because we know our enemies are not flesh and blood. The Word of God says that we wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Rev. Carlos Guerra Suárez, from Costa Rica, was the bearer of the Word of God in the missionary service and promotion of laborers and pastors based on Luke 19:1-3. After the Biblical disclosure, the promotion of laborers and pastors was carried out, and a group of laborers and pastors were promoted to continue serving in the Lord’s vineyard.

That night, Rev. Humberto Henao, international board member of the WMM, preached under the theme: “Give Me This Mount,” based on Joshua 14:6-12.
In the last service of this great event, the Word of God was preached by Rev. Samuel David Mejía, Missionary Supervisor of Asia, under the theme: “Elijah Obeyed God Despite His Going Through A Deep Depression,” based on 1 Kings 19:1-6.

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