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Under the theme, “VISION USA,” the Worldwide Missionary Movement in the United States held its 27th National Convention from the 12th to the 15th of July in the state of Virginia. The event featured the presence of the international president of the WMM, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, and the principal international and national board members, presbyters, pastors, and more than 3,500 faithful believers. The spiritual feast held in the facilities of the Hilton Memorial Chapel in the city of Woodbridge, began with a day in which Rev. Alvaro Garavito gave the message of the Lord. His preaching, “The Greatness of Redemption,” led many attendees to reconcile with God. On the second day of this glorious activity, various pastors of the WMM-USA were presented to testify of the progress of the work in US soil and to emphasize that laborers are needed to help preach the Word of God. Likewise, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member, shared the good news of the Lord.

Later, in the opening of the second to last day, sister Lourdes Hernandez, wife of U.S. supervisor, Rev. Arturo Hernandez, was presented and gave words of strength and encouragement. Furthermore, sister Carmen Valencia de Martinez preached the Word of God through the message, “Break the Pitcher So That the Fire May Be Seen.” Hours later, in the evening service, Rev. Gustavo Martinez preached based on 2 Kings 4, affirming that “There will be no devil, obstacle, creditor, nor anything or anyone that can separate you from the Lord.” The last day of the 27th National Convention of the WMM in the United States started with a glorious service whose Biblical guide was pastor Carmen Valencia de Martinez. The close of the event fell upon Rev. Jose Arturo Soto, vice-president of the WMM, who preached the Word of the Lord through the message, “The Work of the Holy Spirit.”

Let us continue praying for the progress of the work in the United States. At present, God has given a growth of 149 established churches and 87 developing churches.

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14th National Convention in Puebla, Mexico

Under the theme, “Strengthened in the Battle,” the 14th National Convention in Mexico was held from July 28th to the 31st at San Lorenzo Almecatla, Puebla. This activity was attended by Rev. Gustavo Martinez, Rev. Rubén Concepción, Rev. Margaro Figueroa, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, Rev. Arturo Hernandez, and other servants of the Lord from Peru and Guatemala.

After the first sermon, where it was discussed about Gilgal, the international official, Rev. Ruben Concepcion, inaugurated this Christian activity. The other officials also announced the Gospel with themes, such as “God Asks Us to Walk on Perfection,” “We Were Not a People,” among others.

On Saturday and Sunday, special services were held, such as a service dedicated to the youth and the missionary service, in which 16 lay preachers, 6 licensed pastors, and 1 ordained minister were presented for the glory of God, as evidence of the progress of the work in Mexico. In closing this activity, Rev. Margaro Figueroa preached under the theme, “When, Why and Who God Calls,” based on Jeremiah 1: 4 – 10.

Under the title “Renewing the Inner Man in Order to Live in Uprightness,” the church of the WMM in Brazil carried out its glorious XIV National Convention in the Escola municipal Francisca Mandes R.J Sao José II Manaos, Amazonas, Brazil, from the 23rd to the 26th of June.

On the opening day of the convention, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, international board member of the WMM, presented the Biblical message, with the title “Be Renewed and Restored in the Inner Man in Order to Live for Christ,” founded on Deuteronomy 8:11-17 and 11:8-12.

On the second day, in the morning, the pastors’ and workers’ meeting took place, speaking about the advancement of the Work of the Lord in Brazil. That night, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member of the WMM and supervisor in Peru, shared the theme, “The Obedience to God Reflects our Uprightness,” founded on 2nd Chronicles 32: 24-31 and 33:1.

On Saturday morning, Rev. Marco Rau, board member of the WMM in Peru, based the message of Jesus Christ on Numbers, 14:1-10. In the evening, Rev. Gerardo Martinez Garavito, missionary supervisor of the WMM for the southern part of South America, was the Biblical messenger, citing 1 Peter 2:24.

On Sunday morning, Rev. Alvaro Enrique Garavito, international board member of the WMM, was the message-bearer of the Word of God, mentioning Psalms 24:3-5 with the title, “Fighting Against that Which is Within.” To close with a flourish, the missionary service took place the last night, as well as the promotion of pastors and workers. Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member and national supervisor, preached based on the text in Matthew 24:42-44.

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A Loyal Heart to Serve

The Church W.M.M. in Colombia rejoiced during the National Convention of Youth and Pastors, "A Loyal Heart to serve," held at the Events Center "La Macarena" of the 14th to 17th of June.

This event was attended great servants of God, including Rev. Gustavo Martinez - International President, Rev. Humberto Henao - International Director, Rev. Ciro Soto – Supervisor of Bolivia, Rev. Gerardo Martinez Supervisor of Chile, Rev. Samuel David Mejia – Missionary Supervisor of Asia and Rev. Mario Lima - National Officer in Bolivia, who preached the message of salvation during the days of festivity.

"Service to God is the observable expression of gratitude; all that he did showed his love for man, because the sense of arrival into the world was to give us salvation. Does God not deserve the best that we can deliver? "God has called us to be protagonists and not spectators; we must not remain silent about what his word teaches us, because thanks to it we walk in righteousness.

Our commitment is to God and his holy cause, defending sound doctrine, obeying his commands and proclaiming the message from heaven for everyone; at this convention, hundreds of young and thirsty pastors of God's power and genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit felt his blessed presence, and thus experienced the great power of our beloved Savior, great in exploits.

This meeting was broadcast live through the Website and social networks via Facebook and YouTube channel "Back To God," and TV channel "Bethel Television"; Christian media that disclosed through its coverage the Holy Gospel, preaching to all nations. 

The Bethel Cultural Association held its 4th conference, “Bethel, The New Television,” where the attendance of professionals from the Telecommunications who work at “The Channel for the Happiness of the Family” was registered.  Presbyters and general attendees from the churches of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru were present as well.  The event was held on Monday, June 20th, in the National Institution of Investigation and Training of Telecommunications (INICTEL) in the Lima area.

This event was led by Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, national supervisor of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, where the following themes were highlighted: new television, progress in the electronic center, the OTT system, programming content, production of Bethel TV Peru, media agency, realization of TV and telecommunications, Bethel TV distribution, and technical unity at a national level.

In this call made with the support of God, the audience was informed about the use and management of broadcast and the processes of implementation of HD technology.  They also gained knowledge of the increase in the national network, and new developments in production, and projection of Bethel TV at the international level. 

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XIX National Convention in Honduras

From the 3rd to the 6th of March, the work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Honduras celebrated its 2016 National Convention in the Capensi Convention Center, Camayagua, under the theme: “The Lord Will Pastor Us.”

Rev. Alvaro Garavito, international board member of the WMM, was the carrier of the Word of God in the opening service with the theme: “Of What Is Your Heart Made?” based on Acts 5:3-5.

Rev. Margaro Figueroa, international board member of the WMM, was the carrier of the biblical message during the second service of the convention with the theme: “Sense of Responsibility,” based on Genesis 11:31.

In the midst of spiritual songs and testimonies of the advancement of the Work of God, the third service of the XIX National Convention of Honduras, “The Lord Will Pastor Us,” took place. Rev. Alejandro Funes, supervisor of the WMM in Honduras, testified of the powerful advancement of the Work of God in this nation.

Rev. Ruben Concepcion, international secretary of the WMM, was the biblical spokesman with the theme: “Walking as People Worthy of Our Calling,” with biblical basis on1 Peter 2:4-10. In the dissertation of the Word of God, he emphasized that the church of Jesus Christ is “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” [1 Peter 2:9]

Pastor Abraham Enriquez, presbyter of Huehuetenango, of the Republic of Guatemala, was the carrier of the Word of God, with the theme: “Reasons for Which Christians Should Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,” based on Luke 12:49-50.

During the biblical exposition, he emphasized the importance of being filled with the power from on high, to do great marvels in the name of the Lord. Believers have to long for the filling of the Holy Ghost because times are difficult. We need to equip ourselves with the power of God to withstand deceit, apostasy, and lies.

The Presence and Word of God ministered unto the hundreds of believers in the fifth service of the XIX National Convention of Honduras. Pastor Abner Garavito, of the Republic of Guatemala, led the songs of worship and praise.

Rev. Alvaro Enrique Garavito was in charge of the biblical ministration under the theme: “If You Fight the Battle, You Win; If You Don’t Fight It, You Lose,” sustained by the gospel of Matthew 16:18.

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The Christian Pentecost Church of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Paraguay held its 17th National Convention from February 5th through the 7th, at the premises in 12 de octubre, in the city of Itagua. Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member; Rev. Gerardo Martínez Garavito, missionary supervisor of South America; Rev. Alberto Rivera, national supervisor of Paraguay; and pastors and brethren from all the national territory attended this event, as well as delegations of brethren from Chile and Peru.

During the first service of the convention, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member preached under the theme, “When Uprightness Is Not Real," based on the biblical text of 2 Chronicles 32:24.

Rev. José Gómez led the second service of the convention and he introduced the musical groups which sang spiritual songs in Guaraní and Quechua. Rev. Gerardo Martínez Garavito, missionary supervisor of South America and supervisor of Chile, was given the charge of preaching and used the text from the book of 1 Samuel 14:6-7, under the theme: “Serving the Lord Together.”

All the services were filled with the glory of God under an atmosphere of blessing. During this convention, some of the musical groups which participated by singing special songs were: the musical group from the City of Itagua at Km. 33, with the song, “You Touch Me Again,” and the girls’ choir from the city of Itagua at Km. 25, with the the song, “As Zaccheus,” in Guaraní language, among other special songs.

On the third day of the convention, the missionary service and pastors’ promotion ceremony of the 17th National Convention of Paraguay were held. Children and adults sang missionary songs which focused on the love and calling to God’s Work.

On this occasion, two brethren were promoted to the position of lay preachers and one pastor to the position of ordained minister, who will continue working fervently in the Lord’s vineyard.

During the missionary service, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member and national supervisor of Peru, disclosed the Word of God under the theme, “How Shall They Hear without a Preacher?” based on Romans 10:9-15.

On the last and great day of the feast, Rev. Gerardo Martínez Garavito, unveiled the Word of God biblically based on Psalm 126:1-4. During his speech, he claimed that the past of a believer before having Christ might have been sad, but our present in Christ is greater and our joy is real.

The XVI National Convention in Argentina took place from February 11th to the 14th under the motto: “In Jesus, There Is Hope.” Delegations from Chile, Paraguay, and all provinces from Argentina congregated in the Colonial Theatre of the city of Buenos Aires to praise the name of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Gerardo Martinez Garavito, missionary supervisor in South America, was in charge of the inaugural message with the theme: “They Did Not Take Care of What They Received from God,” with biblical base on 2 Timothy 4:7-8.

In the second service of the XVI National Convention of Argentina, with joy in their hearts, believers exalted and lifted up the name of God. Rev. Alfonso Martinez, supervisor of the WMM in Uruguay, was the carrier of the Word of God, with the theme: “It’s Worth Living in Uprightness,” biblically sustained on Isaiah 26:7. In the biblical dissertation, he emphasized that when there is uprightness, there is fear of God; the fear of God guards the believer.

The celebrations continued in the third service of the convention at the Colonial Theatre in the city of Buenos Aires. Rev. Gustavo Martinez Garavito, international president, was in charge of the biblical message with the theme: “Don’t Flee. Submit Yourself and Wait in God,” biblically sustained on Genesis 16:1-9. In the biblical exposition, Rev. Martinez explained that we have to learn to wait in God and be strengthened in His presence and in His word.

As part of the developing activities of this convention, an evangelistic march through the main streets and avenues of the city of Buenos Aires took place, announcing the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ. With joy and gladness, our Argentine brethren announced that only in Jesus is there hope of liberty, salvation, and eternal life.

Rev. Jose Arturo Soto Benavides, international vice president, was the biblical expositor in the fifth service of the convention discoursing the theme: “What Do You Want Me to Do?” with biblical sustenance in Acts 9:3-6.

Likewise, the much-awaited missionary service was held, where they promoted two lay laborers, four licensed laborers, and two ordained ministers.

Rev. Jose Arturo Soto Benavides, international vice president exposed the theme: “What Marked Pentecost,” based on Acts 3:41-42.

Rev. Gerardo Martinez Garavito, missionary supervisor of the Southern Cone, was the carrier of the biblical message which closed this convention with the theme: “How to Face Difficulties,” based on 2 Chronicles 20:12-20. In the biblical exposition, he asserted that when man passes through a series of difficulties, his way out is to humble himself before the presence of God.

We give thanks to God for the work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Argentina which continues advancing with firm steps.

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