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Saturday, 02 July 2016 00:00

A Loyal Heart to Serve

The Church W.M.M. in Colombia rejoiced during the National Convention of Youth and Pastors, "A Loyal Heart to serve," held at the Events Center "La Macarena" of the 14th to 17th of June.

This event was attended great servants of God, including Rev. Gustavo Martinez - International President, Rev. Humberto Henao - International Director, Rev. Ciro Soto – Supervisor of Bolivia, Rev. Gerardo Martinez Supervisor of Chile, Rev. Samuel David Mejia – Missionary Supervisor of Asia and Rev. Mario Lima - National Officer in Bolivia, who preached the message of salvation during the days of festivity.

"Service to God is the observable expression of gratitude; all that he did showed his love for man, because the sense of arrival into the world was to give us salvation. Does God not deserve the best that we can deliver? "God has called us to be protagonists and not spectators; we must not remain silent about what his word teaches us, because thanks to it we walk in righteousness.

Our commitment is to God and his holy cause, defending sound doctrine, obeying his commands and proclaiming the message from heaven for everyone; at this convention, hundreds of young and thirsty pastors of God's power and genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit felt his blessed presence, and thus experienced the great power of our beloved Savior, great in exploits.

This meeting was broadcast live through the Website and social networks via Facebook and YouTube channel "Back To God," and TV channel "Bethel Television"; Christian media that disclosed through its coverage the Holy Gospel, preaching to all nations. 

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