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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 00:00

14th National Convention in Puebla, Mexico

Under the theme, “Strengthened in the Battle,” the 14th National Convention in Mexico was held from July 28th to the 31st at San Lorenzo Almecatla, Puebla. This activity was attended by Rev. Gustavo Martinez, Rev. Rubén Concepción, Rev. Margaro Figueroa, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, Rev. Arturo Hernandez, and other servants of the Lord from Peru and Guatemala.

After the first sermon, where it was discussed about Gilgal, the international official, Rev. Ruben Concepcion, inaugurated this Christian activity. The other officials also announced the Gospel with themes, such as “God Asks Us to Walk on Perfection,” “We Were Not a People,” among others.

On Saturday and Sunday, special services were held, such as a service dedicated to the youth and the missionary service, in which 16 lay preachers, 6 licensed pastors, and 1 ordained minister were presented for the glory of God, as evidence of the progress of the work in Mexico. In closing this activity, Rev. Margaro Figueroa preached under the theme, “When, Why and Who God Calls,” based on Jeremiah 1: 4 – 10.

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