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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 00:00

XXVII National Convention of the United States

Under the theme, “VISION USA,” the Worldwide Missionary Movement in the United States held its 27th National Convention from the 12th to the 15th of July in the state of Virginia. The event featured the presence of the international president of the WMM, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, and the principal international and national board members, presbyters, pastors, and more than 3,500 faithful believers. The spiritual feast held in the facilities of the Hilton Memorial Chapel in the city of Woodbridge, began with a day in which Rev. Alvaro Garavito gave the message of the Lord. His preaching, “The Greatness of Redemption,” led many attendees to reconcile with God. On the second day of this glorious activity, various pastors of the WMM-USA were presented to testify of the progress of the work in US soil and to emphasize that laborers are needed to help preach the Word of God. Likewise, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, international board member, shared the good news of the Lord.

Later, in the opening of the second to last day, sister Lourdes Hernandez, wife of U.S. supervisor, Rev. Arturo Hernandez, was presented and gave words of strength and encouragement. Furthermore, sister Carmen Valencia de Martinez preached the Word of God through the message, “Break the Pitcher So That the Fire May Be Seen.” Hours later, in the evening service, Rev. Gustavo Martinez preached based on 2 Kings 4, affirming that “There will be no devil, obstacle, creditor, nor anything or anyone that can separate you from the Lord.” The last day of the 27th National Convention of the WMM in the United States started with a glorious service whose Biblical guide was pastor Carmen Valencia de Martinez. The close of the event fell upon Rev. Jose Arturo Soto, vice-president of the WMM, who preached the Word of the Lord through the message, “The Work of the Holy Spirit.”

Let us continue praying for the progress of the work in the United States. At present, God has given a growth of 149 established churches and 87 developing churches.

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