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Friday, 12 August 2016 00:00

Greetings from Rev. Sam Jacob

“Greetings from India. We have more than 300 churches in our nation; I greet all of you on behalf of our Worldwide Missionary Movement pastors in this country," said our beloved supervisor of India.

India is a great nation where there are hundreds of languages and 13 of them are the most important ones. There are also different cultures and each state is different, but by the grace of God, the Worldwide Missionary Movement is moving forward.

The Worldwide Missionary Movement is already registered in 10 states of India. It is also reaching the neighboring countries by spreading the good news of salvation where our Savior is doing great things.

In India there were missionaries who played an important part in the spreading of the gospsel, as well as the Europeans who educated and took the Biblical culture to India, correctly teaching the Word of God, teaching men to dress as men and women to dress as women.
“Ths is not a movement of human beings or of an organization, it is a movement of the Holy Spirit. No government can detain it. The government wants Christian organizations to be closed down but, by the mercy of God, we received the good news that the registration of the work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement was renewed for 5 years. We were praying and fasting, seeking God and depending on Him," concluded Rev. Sam Jacob.

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The Worldwide Missionary Movement acknowledges and adopts for all its activities the Biblical principles of brotherly love, spiritual unity, companionship, mutual respect, cooperation, communion, fellowship and equality with all the people of God.


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