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Friday, 12 August 2016 00:00

The Character of the Edifier

Reverend Ruben Concepcion, international secretary of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, was the spokesperson of the message during the second day of congress.

The characteristics of the WMM are related to the Pentecost registered in the Holy Scriptures. For Rev. Concepcion, “It is an honor to be a member of a work with fruits because someone planted the good seed. We are edifying; we are a great family, but we have to take into account the character of the edifier,” he said.

The believer’s duty is to acknowledge that there is a theological framework that allows him to identify God’s character. The Bible demonstrates that the man has been made conformed to the image of God according to Genesis. It is a unique and exclusive design. Therefore, God’s character was transmitted to the man by the Creator. From the points indicated in the sermon, he discussed about uprightness, essential characteristic in Christian life since God is righteous in every sense of the word; compassion, an attribute that should lead the man to be compassionate to his fellow human beings; and love, seal of God’s nature, etc. These are qualities of the character of the Lord.

“We should allow the Lord to work in us spiritually; we should seek that the Holy Spirit help us to bear fruits worthy of true repentance, which contributes to the building up of the Kingdom of Christ,” stated the secretary, at the auditorium.

The 2nd European Congress continues in languages such as French, Italian, English, and Spanish. The mercy of the Lord has allowed this event to reach different places where the work has been established. This does not mean that each one may edify at his own discretion. The vision of founder Luis M. Ortiz of holding events such as conventions and congresses was a revelation from God to edify the church correctly.

The character of the edifier requires a life of profound prayer so that God externalizes through the testimony given to those who are around us. The Word of God cannot be absent from the daily life of the believer because it reveals the will of God. The formation process of a Christian requires progressive approaching to the teachings of Christ, as indicated by the text in Ephesians 4: 1 – 16. The WMM is a design of God and is the product of the prayers of men and women who depend on the presence of the Lord.

They are people that have understood that, in order to edify, they must stay on their knees. “When the believer is aware of his character, it is a sign that Christ is shaping his personality, because those who come behind will keep edifying with love, with patience, and with mercy, according to the Word of God (…) the first men of the work gave themselves with all their heart because they were men formed with the character of Christ,” he emphasized.

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