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Saturday, 13 August 2016 00:00

Inauguration of the 2nd European Congress in Madrid

The 2nd European Congress in Madrid began with the singing of the national hymn of Spain and the official hymn of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. The hosts of the event, Rev. Jose Arturo Soto, international vice president and supervisor of Europe, alongside Rev. Carlos Medina, supervisor of Spain, initiated the activity this Wednesday, August 10th, in the Marriott Hotel Auditorium.

In the inaugural act, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, international president of the WMM stated, “Christ lives and to His name be glory.” Later, he greeted the attendees and each of the international board members. Afterwards, he named the national supervisors who were present and are laboring in the different countries of the world.

Firstly, in a didactic introduction, the director of the work highlighted the role that Europe plays in the expansion of the gospel unto all the world. Rev. Martinez remembered renown preachers who were promoters of great revivals that shook the world in past centuries.

In a spontaneous manner, he underlined, “Current times cannot impede that God return blessing and restoration unto the Old Continent.” In the biblical passage, 1 Corinthians 3:1-10, the reflection of the first message was delivered by Rev. Martinez.

There are clear rules and regulations to edify the kingdom of God. In this labor, one should firstly rely on the direction of Holy Spirit of God. One cannot and should not do things in accordance to human reasoning.

In accordance with the ideas of men or the philosophies of this world is not the way to labor in the work of God. The Word of God exists for the ministry of preaching to be done in a correct way. The Word transforms the minds of men and connects it with God. It transmits saving faith and brings the person to recognize their vile manner and consequently, to a profound conviction of their condition.

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